Insulation cover HVAC pipe XLPE expanded XPE IXPE foam

Insulation Cover Hvac Duct Cross Linked Polyethylene Expanding Foam1. Foil+XPE Foam+adhesive2. Size: 1.2M width* 40M length, also sizes available upon requests3. Anti-flaming heat insulation4. Light, dustfree, fire-retardant, EnvironmentalSpecification Fire RatingClass 1/ Class A Temp Range-50F to 180F Emissivity0

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Insulation Cover Hvac Duct Cross Linked Polyethylene Expanding Foam

1. Foil+XPE Foam+adhesive
2. Size: 1.2M width* 40M length, also sizes available upon requests
3. Anti-flaming heat insulation
4. Light, dustfree, fire-retardant, Environmental

Fire RatingClass 1/ Class A 
Temp Range-50F to 180F 
Water Vapor Permeability0.02 Perms 
Resistance to FungiDoes Not Promote 
Thermal Resistance (3.5" cavity)R-15.2 (Heat Flow Down), R-8.5 (Horizontal Heat Flow)
 Item nameAir conditioning insulation foam 


Good pliability

CYG XPE FOAM rubber insulating products with good flexibility make them suitable for bent and irregular pipes in construction, saving both labor force and cost.
Vibration Resistance
CYG XPE FOAM heat-proof and heat-preservation plastic-rubber with high elasticity, can reduce the vibration and resonance of the hot /cold water pipes utmost.

Good fire blocking

This product has fire-blocking and smoke-reducing property, when burned, its density is very low and doesn't melt, without any small fire ball left and with the merit of self-extinguishing.
According to the standard of GBB8624-1997 Method for grading flammability of construction material, this is the flame resistant product of grade B1 enabling to secure the satiety.

Low conductivity factor

Conductivity of this material is 0.034w/mk at an average° C. As this product has high heat-releasing ratio, it can get the same heat-preservation effect at less half thickness of other insulating product under the same. Condition, saving not only space but also cost.


- Insulation for refrigerator and air-conditioner
Various kinds of insulation tubes
Thermal insulation for bath tub
Anti-dew materials for sink
Cushioning materials
Various kinds of gaskets
Thermal insulation for energy saving equipments
Duct cover, wall partition strip etc.


1) Heat Insulation: Singlefoaming structure can reduce the loss of heat between air convections, suitable for making
Heat preservation pipes and boards. Good antidew capability, suitable for humid environments like refrigerators, air-conditioners, ice houses, etc.
2) Cushion Capability: Semihard quality foams have good rebound capabilities after strong impact, suitable for the packing of instruments, semi-conductors, electronics, etc.
3) Sound Absorption: Good sound and noise absorption capability, suitable for sound absorption and insulation
Parts of automobiles, electromotors and other equipment and environments with loud noises.
4) Shaping Capability: Good heat endurance and ductility capability with even density, suitable for making
Deep interior parts like shaping in vacuum and hot environments, like the air conditioning vaporizing tank of automobiles,
Hot shaped peak canopy of vehicles, shoes, etc.
5) XPE / IXPE has good chemical, oil, acid and alkali durability capabilities: It is safe and odorless, easy for machining
And casting, and can be mixed with many other materials. It has a wide developing area as a new environmentally-safe material.

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CYG TEFA Co., Ltd built up in 2002. We're the biggest and the most professional irradiation crosslinked polyethylene conductive foam manufacturer in China and has the most complete crosslinked polyethylene foam products. Our main products are Crosslinked PE foam material, IXPE foam, XPE foam, Conductive IXPE foam; ESD foam tray, ESD packing material; Beach mat, camping mat, sleeping mat, yoga mat; Etc
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ISO9001, RoHS, SGS, UL, REACH, etc.

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Insulation Cover HVAC Duct Cross Linked Polyethylene Expanding XPE IXPE Foam

Insulation Cover HVAC Duct Cross Linked Polyethylene Expanding XPE IXPE Foam

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